Accident and Health

Thinking about the potential of accidents, injuries, and illnesses may not be the most pleasant task, but it is among the most important when planning for the future. Prudent companies, professionals, and travelers know that, when the unexpected occurs, the assistance of a competent insurance policy can be life-changing. Businesses that invest in sound health and accident insurance for workers can expect to enjoy happier employees and less exposure to financial problems. MDS recognizes the importance of accident and health policies that fit today’s needs and complement regional resources and legislation, that’s why you’ll find smart accident and health solutions when you turn to MDS for your insurance needs.

Personal and professional accident insurance can be especially helpful for those who work in particularly dangerous fields, yet it’s wise to look into the benefits of coverage no matter one’s line of work. From sustaining injuries abroad to having a serious accident in a seemingly safe environment, there are many ways the uncertain can yield less than optimal results. When something goes awry, it’s essential to be able to fall back on a strong accident policy. MDS’ solutions for personal and professional accidents extend to payment for medical treatment, rehabilitation, necessary transport, and related costs, and also present options for ensuring that beneficiaries are taken care of financially in case of accidental death.

Our specialized policies for travelers and professionals make it easier to enjoy risky outings and careers. We offer high coverage amounts, policies that operate on a full calendar basis without inconvenient blackout dates, and minimal need for client-side management and administration. The result is a coverage experience that’s hassle-free, but can step in with effective assistance if needed.

Health insurance has similar aims, but reaches beyond accidental incidents to help protect finances against increasingly complex medical costs. In many regions, patients are treated to broad state medical plans, yet a many issues can make affording health care costs difficult. Increases in fees, reductions in assistance, and problems in access to advanced care can all make staying healthy and recovering from illnesses a challenge. MDS is pleased to provide clients with health insurance solutions that successfully mitigate these risks.

Recently, MDS partnered with Towers Watson to conduct an in-depth study on the changing face of health insurance. Among our findings was the discovery that nearly ninety percent of local corporations included health insurance in their employee benefits, yet were concerned about the very high claims ration common with this type of coverage. As a result, a significant portion of surveyed companies suggested they would be interested in introducing new control measures to keep costs down.

MDS understands the need to limit the cost of health and accident coverage without remaining uncomfortably exposed to related risks. With coverage developed by our team of health and accident specialists, you can be certain you’re striking the right balance. Contact us to learn more about health and accident options at MDS.

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