Affinity Programs

Through our expertly-designed affinity programs, we’re able to help companies attract and retain workers and customers with insurance incentives, relevant to today’s coverage needs. With our worksite protocols and brand insurance programs, we deliver excellent solutions that can develop into meaningful assets for businesses. We provide clients with experience-based advice, customizable plans and programs, and a long-term relationship.

Our worksite protocols have proven especially popular among companies, associations, and clubs interested in offering something special to their employees or clients. From our extensive selection of insurance products and our international expertise, we can create highly-specialized insurance programs and offers that cater precisely to the needs of a company’s workers and clients. A major aspect of our worksite protocols is adaptability, which allows companies to craft the right individual solutions or packages. Individual types of insurance such as auto, life, health, travel, and home, can be utilized alone or introduced to a package as desired.

We are dedicated to quality distribution and publicity. With fliers, displays, and other presentation methods available, we spread the word to workers and customers for optimal results. We also offer special online resources for each type of insurance sold in our worksite protocol programs. To emphasize our focus on excellent customer service, we provide clients with on-site access to our commercial management team, who can then interact with clients and employees.

Brand insurance programs offered by MDS are highly sought for their ability to interest and retain customers. We help many retailers enhance their existing products. In turn, these programs often result in greater revenue for companies, along with a more significant market presence. The number of insurance solutions we’re able to configure for your company will fulfill nearly any preference. We offer programs including accidental damage for a wide variety of equipment, extended warranty and musical instrument insurance, travel insurance, ticket insurance, and more.

We offer options that cannot be surpassed thanks to our international network of brand insurance specialists. With partners in a large number of countries with detailed knowledge about the particularities of both geographical regions and the nuances of various retail fields, we can provide complete solutions that truly fit every niche. Our clients can expect follow-up meetings and a continuous, active relationship with MDS to keep our affinity programs working at their best. As flexibility and growth are essential for your success, we aim to complement each affinity program agreement we create with an ongoing partnership presence.

At MDS, we work tirelessly to ensure that you’re ahead of the game, allowing you to maximize your potential benefits and retain your competitive edge. Our simple, effective, and highly versatile affinity programs are sure to get you noticed –and to keep you in the spotlight. Get in touch with an MDS representative today to discover your options with our innovative affinity programs.

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