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MLearning is the latest project developed by MDS Group, created with the purpose of developing, advancing and supporting knowledge management in Risk and Insurance. To company director Paula Rios it represents “a logical outcome of the current environment in this Group, which has established itself in different parts of the world and carries out complex, diversified activities, ever on a forward path.”

Established in mid-2011, MLearning found that the market urgently called for systematic processing, organizing and structuring information that was shareable not only internally but also with the market and society at large, thus taking full advantage of the knowledge capital the MDS Group has amassed. The purpose? To develop strategies that bolster innovation, the creation of new knowledge and its translation into products and services.

According to Paula Rios, “knowledge management is understood as the main sustainable competitive advantage that organizations possess. It allows them to face current challenges posed by a knowledge and information society, thus successfully facing the opportunities and threats that stem from economic globalization.” She adds: “For several years now, MDS has stressed the greatest asset in our activity: knowledge and the ability to use it to the benefit of our clients and the market.”

Expected results include, among others, access to state-of-the-art knowledge on risk and insurance, the reinvention and creation of new perspectives on traditional market products and the identification of new risk and related management solutions.

Editorial projects fill a gap in the market

MLearning works along four main channels: training – development of skills pertaining to risk and insurance; organizing seminars and conferences; active, structured sharing of documentation and published materials through the Knowledge Management Center; and the development of new content and published material.

As for the later channel, Paula Rios explains why MLearning will go into the publishing world: “In Portugal, titles on insurance and risk are scarce, as these matters have received very little attention from learning institutions, such as universities. Fully aware of this opportunity, MLearning is embarking on a few publishing projects.” Among these are “Colecção Testemunhos” (“Testemunhos Collection”) and the “Fundamentals MLearning” manuals.

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