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The world of risk management services offers a variety of specialty tools and services ideal for helping businesses go further. MDS is pleased to connect its clients to advice and assistance that takes full advantage of these tools and services. The MDS Global Captive Services division, which comprises its subsidiary, HighDome (a Protected Cell Company based in Malta, authorized and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority), is  dedicated to ensuring that clients are able to work with some of the most exciting opportunities with this Risk Management company in the creation and management of captive companies for insurance and reinsurance.

The MDS Experience: Clients of MDS Global Captive Services are treated to an experience unlike any other in part, at least, due to the wealth of experience and knowledge retained by MDS professionals. Captive management is an integral part of MDS’ core operations, and its team boasts fluid access to captive insurance and reinsurance capabilities making it the best captive insurance company you can hire. Since MDS’ initial encounter with the captive concept, the company has been developing this area of expertise, and our vision is to become a prominent leader in captive services worldwide.

An Analytical Approach: Though MDS prides itself on a personalized touch and a range of services, truly insightful financial analysis and strategy creation are essential to an effective captive operation. That’s why MDS is committed to delivering solutions that make the most of in-depth analysis, risk assessment, efficiency of capital, and beyond. The MDS approach never lets client service slip, yet remains fully focused on the building blocks of a successful captive relationship.

Dynamic Client Care: MDS is more than a one-size-fits-all captive services outlet. Clients can take advantage of HighDome, MDS’ fully owned protected cell facility, capable of creating an attractive alternative to insurance solutions for short tail risks such as accident, land vehicles (all damages), goods in transit, fire and natural forces, other damage to property and miscellaneous financial loss, as well as in Credit and Surety insurance. Protected Cell Captives are the ideal choice for those small-to medium-size operators (and not only large multinationals) interested in experiencing the captive solution without wishing to commence activities as a standalone company. By establishing their own dedicated captive vehicle (or “cell”) without substantial additional investment, smaller organizations can take advantage of an effective and safe risk financing approach from this resourceful captive insurance company.

From forming a captive insurance company to encouraging greater yields or assisting in the closure of an existing captive entity, MDS has the skillset needed to maximize this business incentive. Get started today by contacting MDS at or leaving your comment below.

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