Cargo Marine

Much of business today involves the trading of commodities, an activity that naturally relies on delivery to prosper. Though logistics may seem like an afterthought to many traders, it can in fact have a serious impact on the success of a sale or purchase, and leaving all of the details up to the shipper can have disastrous consequences. Navigating the new waters of the cargo marine industry can be intimidating for many. From a labyrinth of specialised terms to a wide array of insurance policy types, different rules and regulations applying to different geographical regions and the need to define territorial and duration-based limits to coverage, there’s a lot to learn. Thankfully, MDS has been providing its clients with superior cargo marine insurance services for quite some time, and can help make mastering this important part of modern business much easier with its Risk management services.

There’s an unfortunately widespread notion that carriers will be held accountable for any losses encountered during transport. As scores of traders have found out, this is only true if the carrier is reasonably at fault –and even when that’s the case, the limit on liability may fall below the cost of the damages sustained. Too often, traders trust the integrity of their goods to shippers without any personal involvement in the goods’ security, which can make any accidents that occur financially painful. Taking the time to consider a cargo marine policy for goods can mean the difference between an averted disaster and one that’s very real, threatening the success of a business at large. We are the kind of Risk management company which encourages all clients involved in global trade to think seriously about the benefits of a cargo marine policy.

With the help of MDS, you can be sure that your transported goods will receive proper coverage to protect you and your business from whatever might occur. Going above and beyond the basic –and not always applicable– policies typically held by shippers, such a policy can take a great deal of the risk of modern globalised business out of your operations. We employ insurance specialists deeply familiar with the world of cargo marine and other types of shipping and logistics. Whether you’re interested in a contract for a single shipment or an ongoing arrangement for regular shipping operations, you’re sure to find the right solution with MDS.

We know that approaching cargo marine coverage can be a challenging task, which is why we’ve bolstered our offerings with services that help clients adapt to and understand the particular requirements of cargo marine. We can help you create and implement a policy through discussing your individual needs and expectations, and can assist with the application of crucial paperwork, such as bills of lading, packaging descriptions, and details of transport used. At every step of the set up process and should you ever need to file a claim, MDS will be there to help you and your business excel. Get in touch with an MDS representative to explore your own possibilities with cargo marine and get a cargo marine insurance to secure your cargo at bay.

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