Jacqueline Legrand and Ana Cristina Borges are in the list of the most Influential Women In Re/insurance

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Jacqueline Legrand, COO of MDS Group and CEO of MDS Portugal, and Ana Cristina Borges, CEO of MDS RE, are in the list of the most “Influential Women In Re/insurance”, a report edited by Intelligent Insurer.

The report selects the executives whose work has been recognized in the international panorama of the sector and are seen as examples of success and leadership.

The publication includes an interview with Jacqueline Legrand (page 106) and Ana Cristina Borges (page 34) about their careers.

The report is available here.

Maílson da Nóbrega on MDS TALKS’

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The highly reputed speaker, Maílson da Nóbrega, was in Portugal at the invitation of MDS, to speak on the subject of “Perspectives of the Brazilian Economy” at the fourth MDS Talks event.

Economist and statesman, Maílson was Brazilian Minister of Finance from 1988 to 1990, one of the most difficult periods for the country’s economy. His career in public life began at the age of 20 and since then he has been involved in numerous government campaigns.

His detailed knowledge of the Brazilian economy has secured crucial roles in the areas of financing, negotiations and foreign relations.

Maílson has published five books, including his autobiography, Além do Feijão com Arroz, and various articles in newspapers and specialist magazines. He writes a column in the magazine VEJA and in 2013 was voted Economist of the Year by the Ordem dos Economistas do Brasil, the professional association of Brazilian economists.

Strategic partnership with S21sec delivers pioneering cyber security

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S21sec and MDS have entered into a strategic partnership to help organisations deal with the problem of cyber risk. The intention is to offer a comprehensive cyber security service for the global business market.

 This pioneering initiative offers companies protection against cyber-attacks by combining an active prevention programme – based on S21sec’s security solutions – with specific insurance provided by MDS, minimising any possible impacts.

S21sec’s services of cyber attack prevention, detection, analysis and performance in the area of cyber security are offered alongside cyber risk insurance cover. Included within the service is: an assessment of the organisation’s maturity with regard to the security of its information; technical audits, awareness-raising campaigns and training, continuous security monitoring, response teams for critical security incidents and forensic analysis.

As a result of this proposition, companies will be able to take a comprehensive and assertive approach to cyber risk management.