From company headquarters to retail space, construction projects present serious risks to consider. MDS promotes safe and cost-effective development by enabling a variety of companies to mitigate and cut risk by ensuring proper training and certification of builders, negotiating workable contracts, enforcing safety standards on-site and more.

MDS provides insurance policies which protect clients from losses caused by accidents, and take into account third-party liability for damages and potential loss of profit resulting from unexpected delays. The coverage arrangements are designed to prevent clients from being exposed to risks difficult to anticipate.

Construction Risk Management, referred to as Construction All Risks insurance (CAR), has helped many companies all types of projects. Serious stalls and losses from damaged materials, structures, and equipment may prevent projects from meeting deadlines or being pursued and finished altogether. CAR’s high quality tailored insurance plans help companies recover and move past these issues and complete their projects.

As an experienced consultant, MDS assists policyholders obtain effective protection from damage and liability while ensuring that relevant contracts properly handle the every aspects of risk management within construction. Construction services make coverage available from the moment equipment or materials are unloaded on-site until the development is handed over or begins operation.

Some of today’s most ambitious construction projects have been successfully concluded thanks to an effective insurance policy. Get in touch with us to learn about the MDS construction options that are right for you.

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