Credit Risks & Surety

In this modern environment of economic uncertainty, professionals and companies are constantly exposed to considerable risks. Credit insurance and related products are increasingly important for modern businesses, being the most effective tools available to minimize seller exposure to commercial and political risks.

With credit insurance, companies protect themselves against difficulties stemming from debt costs, high debt provisions, poor balance sheets, and more. Cash flow requirements are optimized, allowing business leaders to focus their talent and energy on the company’s progress. At MDS, we present our clients with credit risk solutions that enable them to make the right decisions based on their customers’ financial capacity. In addition to traditional customers, MDS provides clients with continuously-updated lists of prospective customers who may prove highly valuable. The in-extensive information we deliver regarding customers in terms of their financial prospects means our clients have all the data necessary to make strong and smart choices about their business relationships.

MDS is committed to assisting credit risk clients manage accounts receivable through a specialized program to monitor and report the commercial and financial behavior of customers globally. We also provide effective policy management, including the facilitation of periodic meetings and updates on any pending issues that may affect our clients’ business or their insurance covers. Our strong ties with a variety of international credit insurers along with our status as a major broker for credit and similar risks means we can secure attractive terms and conditions for our clients.

MDS’ special offers in surety further extend our range of products and services. Many countries require that companies acquire specific bonds in order to perform their intended activities. These bonds can be thought of as debt securities, issued either by companies or government entities who guarantee the payment of the original investment in addition to interest, all by a specified date. In Brazil, for instance, bonds center on bid, performance, completion, advanced payment, retention payment, and maintenance. Bonds are also used in tax disputes where guaranties equivalent to the amount of taxes at hand are required. In such cases, bonds can be the ideal alternative to bank guaranties, which must follow the Basel 2 agreement. Additionally, bonds typically have lower rates than banks, as well.

Our expertise in financial risks supports companies whether they’re issuing bonds or presenting guaranties for business or compliance objectives. MDS’ knowledge of bonds means we’re able to secure adequate bond limits from insurers and reinsurers alike. We also make our team of risk specialists available for meetings and company seminars. Regardless of the challenges faced by your firm, MDS can deliver credit risks and surety products and services to help minimize your exposure and optimize your potential gains. Contact us today for more information about these services or to discuss your questions or ideas.

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