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We believe that satisfied, protected employees are crucial to a competent and competitive organisation. Our employee benefits services are geared towards getting the most out of this important asset for today’s companies. MDS offers a wealth of knowledge and customized solutions applicable to the needs of employee benefit creation and administration. Using Risk Management services, clients can create a more positive atmosphere for workers and their communities, as well as better productivity company-wide. Common advantages include improved welfare among employees and their families, successful hiring and retaining of highly-qualified workers, and access to desirable tax benefits.

MDS provides a number of services and products to both companies interested in improving their employee benefit packages, and those starting from scratch. We create analyses of existing benefit packages, and work with clients to adapt strong international guidelines to specific regional needs. We also help clients create and stage meetings to clarify central issues relating to employee benefits, and keep our clients up to date on relevant legislation changes that may affect their work and policies.

Our access to a large and thriving international network enables us to provide numerous services in partnership with qualified peers. Such services include comprehensive actuarial studies, detailed tax consultancy and advice, and administration of local polls in some regions to produce useful sets of data. Our assistance helps clients achieve faster responses to information requests and complaints and a better understanding of when and how to elaborate claims reports and deadlines.

We understand that finding the right employee benefits arrangements can be an expensive and time-consuming process. At MDS, we work with our clients to find the best possible solutions at a fraction of the price charged for other similar services. With our considerable experience backed by the expertise of our international partners, you can expect an overall experience far superior to any other available. For both long and short-term projects in employee benefits, MDS is a resource that can cut costs and help you achieve your goals with minimal disruption.

For many clients,  MDS has helped facilitate a flexible benefits program, a both highly valued and widely-applicable project. In a world where employee backgrounds and circumstances may vary considerably, it’s important to offer workers the ability to choose their own benefit packages. Starting with a basic plan that covers the necessities of life and prosperity, the flexible packages allow employees to customize their benefits, resulting in more relevant packages and happier, more satisfied workers.

MDS is here to make employee benefits management smooth and cost-effective. No matter the scope of your benefits needs nor your progress with benefits to date, we encourage you to get in touch so we can begin a better benefits program for you and all of your employees.

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