Environmental Risk

No matter your field of business, encountering environmental risks may be unavoidable. Along with the damages to the environment, consequences of poor risk management services can include significant litigation, heavy fees, loss of reputation, and other serious issues. At MDS, we know that understanding environmental risks and knowing how to ensure proper safeguarding from a variety of related threats can be a challenge. Thus, we’ve created tools and products to help business leaders minimize their risks and protect their companies and assets.

Multiple pieces of legislation have recently been passed to address a company’s responsibility regarding issues resulting in environmental damage. The EU Liability Directive (or ELD), translated into Portuguese  law  by Decree No. 147/2008, July 29, have brought new liability schemes for companies to consider, and rely heavily on the basis that the polluters must pay. Faced with these laws, companies must find effective ways to both prevent pollution and other environmental hazards when possible, and to ensure that sufficient resources for remediation are available in case of disaster.

Though many Standard Public Liability products are sometimes used when encountering an accident or catastrophe, these are rarely able to truly protect a company when environmental factors are involved. We urge businesses to consider the depth of their exposure to environmental risk. With the right tools and services, it’s possible to steer clear of the many types of damage and loss often sustained by businesses that neglect to secure coverage for this area of operation.

Brokerslink, our international network of insurance professionals, is vital to our success. We handle issues in many different regions, making local expertise and experience crucial. With our international selection of quality partners and consultants, we’re able to offer MDS clients a completely tailored approach to their environmental risk requirements.

We take pride in the considerable variety of covers and consultations we provide to our clients for environmental liability through Environmental Risk Management. From loss prevention and safety engineering services to investigation, indemnity, and defense, MDS will be there every step of the way to help you manage your company’s relationship to environmental risk. Contact us today for an in-depth look at our available covers, including cleanup costs, restoration and reparation for damage to biodiversity, business interruption, legal defense, and beyond.

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