General Liability

Successful modern businesses are the products of effective planning, excellent management, and recruitment of great people. Nowadays, businesses face many risks. Whether they’re large or small, local, national, or global, companies rely of their financial assets to fuel progress and achieve their goals. General liability insurance products are geared towards meeting a wide range of risk mitigation needs relevant to modern businesses. With the right general liability product or package, companies can move forward without being hindered by unnecessary financial losses. Liability insurance does not only protect you from unexpected losses, but also provides you a safe passage for your success.

Today’s society is more prone to taking legal action against businesses. At MDS, we believe in creating quality safety programs, pursuing responsible business practices, and ensuring compliance throughout an organization’s operation. Nevertheless, Risk management companies understand that these steps can’t always keep the unexpected at bay. In order to prevent accidents, lawsuits, and other issues from draining on the financial assets of a business, it’s essential to secure an insurance plan that understands and meets your company’s particular needs.

MDS has crafted a variety of general liability products for clients in many different fields and of all sizes. We take pride in tailoring our solutions to address the specific issues each client faces. Some of the most important covers we provide include those for bodily injury and property damage stemming from the actions of employees or independent contractors. We also extend general liability products to cover product liability during development and following completed work, and limited medical expenses for third parties. Many businesses find that covering claims arising from alleged false advertising as well is a highly desirable type of coverage for their general liability packages.

Lawsuits, reimbursement of costs, and restoration of business assets can all be expensive and difficult issues for today’s businesses to resolve. Having a trusted insurance partner like MDS on your side to help mitigate these risks and make sure they don’t cause unnecessary losses can make even the most challenging claim easier to resolve. We urge business leaders to explore the substantial benefits that general liability insurance can provide. Call or write to us today to find out more about general liability coverage from MDS.

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