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Risk management is adopting a new shape thanks to a world that’s increasingly focused on global solutions. Over the past decade, the field of insurance has seen a decided move towards managed global insurance programs. On the one hand, this move helps ensure that a group’s operations worldwide are met with uniform insurance protocols and reliable coverage. On the other hand, tackling an insurance portfolio that makes sense from a broad, global perspective can be daunting. MDS is here to help.

Though there’s no doubt that stepping up to the opportunities of multinational business can yield great rewards, the path towards embracing these opportunities doesn’t always look easy. MDS is proud to provide valuable tools to its multinational clients that help make the road look and feel a lot less intimidating. By delivering sound advice and accessible resources to our clients, we take much of the uncertainty out of enjoying the globalized business environment.

Among the many issues faced by companies looking to enter new regional markets, compliance often presents the biggest difficulty. The increasing enforcement of rules and regulations around the world mean staying on top of the law is a constant effort. At MDS, we know how crucial compliance is to the creation of a viable global insurance program. Accordingly, we’ve gained unrestricted access to the AXCO database to ensure our clients, in turn, will always be able to get the latest definitive information on regulations, taxes, legal issues, and beyond.

Of course, breaking into new regional markets isn’t only about conquering the challenges of compliance. Understanding regional differences, connecting with players across  (client, broker and insurer), mastering local business requirements, and forming new relationships can all be demanding and complex processes. Streamlining this work and creating innovative new solutions relies on having a partner with both broad and highly specialized expertise. MDS offers exemplary opportunities as a founder of Brokerslink, one of the world’s largest alliances of independent insurance brokers.

This powerful network of over seven thousand professionals in one hundred countries allows us to provide clients with unparalleled international insurance brokerage and risk management services. We retain a team of experienced global executives who can help make cost-effective solutions and smooth coordination a reality. Our network members are selected not only for their local expertise, but for their proven performance, as well. Members are leading independent brokers within their own countries and markets and represent far more than mere local representation. Rather, they deeply understand the eccentricities of their local market and practices, and can provide clients with invaluable insight. When multinationals have access to insurance products and services that fulfill parent company requirements while also adapting to particular local subsidiary needs, the results are excellent.

Our global client services adopt a fully integrative approach, bringing together services such as business continuity, risk engineering, captive management, benefits counseling, and more. Whether you’re looking for management and brokerage services in property, liability, travel accidents, cargo marine, or nearly any other realm, get in touch with us to start your global journey with MDS by your side.

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