When HighDome met REI

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Jacqueline Legrand of MDS Holdings and Paula Rios of HighDome PCC give us an example of the opportunities for PCCs in niche markets.

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Ports: Risks and Market Solutions

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With the globalization of the economy, international trade and sea transportation are increasing at a fast pace. As a result, port operations are becoming a critical component of national economies. In terms of risk management, port operations pose specific challenges, to which the insurance industry provides appropriate solutions.

As a first step, it is fundamental to identify the risks and exposures involved in port operations. Victor Garibaldi’s article gives a strong contribution for this aim. The following article, authored by Mike Fountaine, assists in getting to know some of the solutions that the international insurance market has to offer towards covering these risks.

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One Zurich

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Zurich is a leading global multi-line insurance provider helping people understand and manage the risks that they, their families and businesses may face.

Mike Kerner, CEO for Zurich’s General Insurance (GI) business, and Hanno Mijer, Global Head of Corporate Life & Pensions (CLP), share their thoughts on the Zurich business, their increasing focus on customers and the role of insurance brokers. Read the interview here.