Kidnap & Ransom

It’s common to imagine that incidents involving kidnap, ransom, and extortion will never affect oneself or one’s company. From believing that an area of business is safe, to simply looking at the odds, many professionals think that they’ll won’t need coverage for this kind of risk. Yet, the reality is that in a business world that’s increasingly geared towards international partnerships, travel, and new kinds of exposure, kidnap, ransom, and extortion are very real dangers. Fortunately, MDS has excellent tools available for damages resulting from these threats.

In the event that a kidnap, ransom, or extortion event occurs, any available resource can provide a sense of comfort and possible point of resolution. The substantial financial losses that may be at stake during such an event, paired with the understandably high emotional factor, mean that the tools designed to help must address the fallout quickly and comprehensively. From addressing the needs of families to those of entire corporations, our offers, sometimes including kidnap prevention training, help ensure that this frightening aspect of modern business is prevented from causing serious harm.

Managing such a crisis is essential in ensuring a positive outcome, which is why quality kidnap and ransom insurance products have coverage for crisis management consultancy at their core. MDS offers services which help manage the consequences of these events, including adviser support and medical or mental health care when necessary. Plans also cover death, dismemberment, and other accidents to ensure that families are financially compensated for their loss.

From facing a kidnapping incident on an employee trip, to witnessing extortion from another party during shipment process, there are many ways in which modern professionals and organizations can unwittingly be exposed to kidnap, ransom, and extortion threats. Rather than brushing these threats aside and deeming them unrealistic, we encourage clients to look at the facts. More than one thousand business professionals are kidnapped each year and held for ransom, resulting in significant turmoil and losses when quality policies are not in place to respond accordingly. As recruiting the assistance of government agencies in a time of need may be neither viable nor efficient, the benefits of exploring options with experienced professionals may prove invaluable.

At MDS, we’re passionate about helping companies and professionals move forward and adapt to the changing environment of global business. Part of that adaptation is recognizing the risks that come with today’s business world, and addressing those risks with sensible strategies. We’re proud to be a source of comfort for many smart organizations and individuals who understand that even rare occurrences demand foresight and attention.

Get more information about your own exposure to kidnap and ransom and find out how MDS can support you and your business. Contact us for a serious step towards better security.

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