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Today’s globalized and knowledge-driven insurance world requires not only a select set of skills and resources, but relies on the innovative treatment of information. Modern professionals must understand and interact with today’s knowledge-hungry environment. Only then can we create viable products, form fruitful partnerships, and enjoy competitive advantages that truly lend an edge. That’s why, in mid-2011, we at MDS created MLearning, an initiative focused on the quest for knowledge, innovation, credibility, and sharing.

MLearning recognizes the challenges and opportunities that insurance professionals and partnerships face when working towards solutions in a world that’s increasingly powered by knowledge. When proper management is applied, professionals can count on more fluid relationships and effective strategies. By encouraging and contributing to superior knowledge management, MLearning facilitates excellence both internally and in society at large.

MDS Group’s substantial critical knowledge capital, networking capabilities, and reputation enable us to approach knowledge management with the same authority that marks our organization as a whole. At the heart of our efforts is the “knowledge life cycle,” a process which includes knowledge creation, retrieval, transformation and dissemination or sharing. Effectively handling knowledge relevant to modern risk and insurance, this cycle optimizes the potential of information.

Imagine insurance professionals, partners, and potential clients working together towards a more informed and knowledgeable take on risk. MLearning makes this dream a reality by providing access to the most up-to-the-minute insurance knowledge. The Learning Center also helps reinvent perspectives and create new ones to foster adaptive risk-based thinking, and helps users identify new potential solutions.

MLearning is far more than a simple set of goals, however; we already offer a variety of products and services to allow our vision to flourish. With a range of opportunities for tapping into useful facts and ideas, MLearning has an offering for just about everyone.

Our training sessions vary from seminars and conferences to workshops, long-term programs, and in-company programs. Tailored to individual needs and requirements or presented broadly to reach a diverse audience, the training delivered by MLearning can serve as a powerful introduction to knowledge management in insurance –or a valuable continuation. The publishing branch of MLearning has been designed to accentuate our hands-on learning activities with accessible resources in print. Local editorial markets show a dearth of quality information and discussion on some of the most important aspects of risk and insurance. With MLearning publishing, we aim to fill existing gaps and offer readers a reliable and insightful source of understanding. The knowledge center, both in virtual and physical form, exemplifies the mission of MLearning by creating collaboration-friendly space for accessing new information and ideas about insurance.

How we treat our growing base of knowledge will have a profound impact on the future of insurance and risk. Get involved with MLearning’s knowledge management today to become a part of the future of our field.

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