Loss Control & Risk Engineering

Putting quality insurance covers into place is the surest way to protect your business from unforeseen losses. For businesses, prevention is often a more successful strategy than compensation. The funds available to companies that experience losses or damages covered by their plans can go a long way towards helping business recover and resume. Nonetheless, preventing accidents and limiting loss and damage as much as possible is a better course of action, both financially and in terms of safety. At MDS, we believe that, in order for an insurance company to deliver the best Risk Management service to clients, it must offer loss control and risk engineering in addition to coverage products. Our products have helped many businesses protect themselves from the risks they face, thus promoting opportunities for growth.

Our Risk Management company has created a range of technical loss control and risk engineering services designed with the needs of today’s businesses in mind. Through a program of long-term, broad risk analysis, combined with our international insurance experience, we’ve produced services that address the factors critical to the preservation of assets. While loss control measures can be applied to a variety of risks such as those encountered through the course of regular operation and the supply chain, natural hazards, product recalls and related liability, burglary… MDS’ loss control services focus on an especially devastating and relevant risk: fire.

Fire risks require careful attention from modern businesses, both in order to prevent accidents and to ensure that proper safety steps are taken to allow for access to the best insurance products and premiums. MDS can provide businesses with many distinct services for protection from fire risks. We help companies evaluate, understand, and improve their at-risk work processes, the procedures in place to respond to fire-related incidents. We also aid in the inspection of safety and prevention equipment on-site or for purchase consideration and the evaluation of evacuation procedures alongside local emergency response officials. We’re happy to assist in the review of architectural plans, regular safety audits, or checks for safety compliance programs, as well as the investigation of losses and causes should an accident occur.

The flexibility of MDS’ loss control and risk engineering services means any company can secure a program that works for its particular needs. We offer investigation and analysis services that can produce a simple report or an in-depth presentation, and advanced monitoring technologies that can easily be scaled to provide clients with the right level of assistance. Improving your company’s loss control measures is a sure way to lower your insurance costs, protect your personnel and property, and prevent a range of undesirable business interruptions. With MDS by your side, you can take advantage of some of the best technologies and strategies for loss control available by getting our loss control insurance services. Contact us to get started or to find out more about our selection of services.

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