Mergers & Acquisitions

MDS has been building, during, recent years, a solid background and reputation on consultancy and partnership for M&A operations. Since the early stage of transaction structuring, MDS develops a solid partnership with the client, either on the seller or on the buyer side, and has a exquisite aptitude for private equities and venture capital, in the variants of Business Angels, Early Stage Capital, Growth and Deed Capital, Mezzanine, Leveraged Buyouts and Vultures and Restructurings.

MDS has a strong value added proposition sourced on its intimate knowledge of M&A players language and interests and develops an internal intelligence for spotting the trends of the M&A market worldwide, being a reliable provider of valuable information for its clients. The range of services and consulting provided by MDS departs from the early stage of the transaction, with fast and accurate implementations of due diligences for risk assessment and goes up to the management of the integrated risk of the target company. Furthermore, MDS has been developing a portfolio strategy for companies held by a singular venture or holding company, leading to the ultimate capture of value in the combination of synergies of scale and of competences.

After joining in 2010 Equity Risk Partners Global – the only independent broker network focused exclusively on private equity – as Portuguese and Brazilian representative, MDS has clearly edged as one of the strongest references in both markets as M&A risk related Expert.

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