Private Clients

Creating and protecting wealth, keeping families and assets safe, and enjoying a fruitful life are all major goals among MDS clients. Providing individuals and families with unsurpassed risk management solutions is at the heart of the MDS operation.

MDS takes a highly personalized approach to policy creation and administration. We analyze the risk-based needs of every client individually and develop a comprehensive insurance strategy that doesn’t make poor assumptions and delivers necessary coverage.

At MDS, experienced and knowledgeable insurance professionals are devoted to excellence in communication. We ensure that clients are properly taken care of while focusing on getting all the numbers right. MDS clients benefit from insurance solutions that work and stewards and advocates able to listen to ideas and concerns. With a single point of contact to provide access to the complete set of MDS incentives and opportunities, clients enjoy a convenient and hassle-free connection to their risk management portfolios.

For years, MDS has served the insurance needs of entrepreneurs, executives, family offices, estates and trusts, and many other entities. Whether it’s residential property, fine arts, automobiles or watercraft, wealth preservation, or other insurance product packages, MDS crafts solutions that avoid, limit, or transfer risk so clients can focus on doing what they do best. From the moment a new client approaches MDS, a close and tailored relationship is forged, and representatives ensure that this relationship is kept strong yet flexible.

No matter the uncertainties MDS clients may face, their MDS risk management point of contact is always on hand to help make the right path clearer.

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