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Modern business demands both focus and flexibility. In an environment that’s increasingly global, and with client needs that are increasingly complex, it takes a powerful network to drive success –particularly for the field of insurance. Founded in 2004, Brokerslink has been a collaborative triumph for MDS. Benefiting members and their clients alike, our network has proven invaluable in harnessing the power of international teams as well as local specialists.

Brokerslink comprises one of the world’s largest groups of independent insurance professionals and firms. The network enjoys representation in over ninety countries and manages over ninety billions of dollars in managed premiums. There are over ten thousand Brokerslink professionals from more than four hundred offices around the globe. Any way you calculate it, our team offers substantial strength and versatility, enabling fruitful partnerships and satisfied clients. Our global business desks in all represented countries together with our dedicated international platform utilizing superior IT systems take our people-power even further.

The Brokerslink Network is proud to retain some of the world’s best and most experienced insurance professionals. But we also boast an impressive team of highly-specialized experts. Among our members, clients and partners can find special services for risk engineering, business continuity and disaster recovery and crisis management, and much more. From employee benefits and cyber risks to special risk consultancy and beyond, the Brokerslink Network knows how to meet every particular need. Further bolstering the capabilities of our network is Cooper Gay Swett & Crawford, one of the world’s largest independent wholesale and reinsurance brokers –and our valued partner in reinsurance. Across four continents, CGSC employs over fifteen hundred staff in more than sixty offices, and manages over three billion in premiums. The wealth of experience and market presence CGSC brings to Brokerslink helps solidify our position as one of the most exciting and capable insurance networks in the world. Far from forging partnerships solely on paper, we encourage our members and their partners and clients to enjoy the many opportunities our network presents. Each year, Brokerslink holds a global conference rich in networking sessions, special talks, and original outings. Also fosters regional growth and collaboration through smaller localized meetings.

“The success of the Brokerslink Network depends on the energy of our members and the excellence of our initiatives.” 
Leading the way is our Board of Directors. Together with our Management Team, the Board brings some of the brightest minds and most experienced players in the world of insurance to the Brokerslink helm. United, our network creates and enjoys the very best in modern globalized business.

Learn more about this dynamic global team and explore its opportunities at http://brokerslink.com

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