Risk Consulting

To reduce losses, create better planning, and prevent damages to reputation and other assets, a growing number of businesses are turning to expert risk consultants. Through Herco Risk Consultancy, its Risk Management consulting service, MDS tackles risk management efficiently and effectively

Herco is staffed by professionals from a wide range of industries. By eliminating concerns over potential losses, it enables all types of companies to take on new challenges worry-free and remain competitive in the modern business environment. Herco specializes in collaborating with management teams to gain a deeper understanding of the impact a company’s risk exposures will have. Through its Risk Management services the team creates a risk management framework that addresses risk identification, evaluation, mitigation, and on-going monitoring to track and analyze changes, helping businesses innovate and progress, despite uncertainties.

MDS defines a corporate policy for risk management based on a company’s personal profile and needs and creates an informative risk matrix. Herco provides loss control and risk engineering to implement effective preventive measures as well as an overall management framework complete with continuous monitoring. The result is a comprehensive and cost-effective approach to risk management, capable of safeguarding a company fully.

Also available to Herco clients is H2RM, a proprietary risk management tool. This easy-to-use cloud-based application makes it possible to access knowledge and resources in-office or around the world based on the recent risk management standards of COSO and ISO 31000. Users can take advantage of risk management consulting services such as risk maps, risk matrices, mitigation measures, and risk comparison or benchmarking tools from a single simple utility. Contact us today to get help tackling this important part of your business’ future.

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