In the aftermath of a terrorist attack, businesses face serious issues, such as property loss or damage, large-scale disruptions, and exorbitant reparation costs. Indeed, the estimated damages of the events of September 11th, 2001 in New York attained over $31 billion –a price paid not only by families and individuals, but also by many businesses. With the help of an experienced and knowledgeable insurer, businesses are far more likely to quickly regain their strength and minimize losses. MDS offers products specific to the specific risks presented by modern terrorism.

Terrorism attacks are hard to predict, both in terms of when and where they will take place, and what type of damages will be sustained. These factors charge insurers with the task of closely monitoring the evolution of trends in terrorism activity, as well as the threats to a given entity.

Thanks to the power and reach of our international network, Brokerslink, MDS has a comprehensive understanding of the global pace of terrorism. With the research and analysis capacities available to it, the Terrorism services can successfully transfer many businesses’ damage liability in the event of a terrorist attack. More than ever, companies face strong demands to plan and prepare for a possible terrorism event. MDS’ products are geared towards mitigating physical loss and damages, as well as reducing costs related to on-site debris removal. MDS will assist companies in creating plans to limit losses, prevent business interruption, and recover with efficiency. Contact us with your questions or ideas to see how MDS can serve you.

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