Our vision and mission

At MDS, we strive to move beyond the intermediary role of a broker to help our clients achieve optimal success in risk management. MDS is more than a broker; we are a partner to those we serve, and this perspective influences our work every day.

Three principal components are at the core of our mission to deliver solutions for our clients’ success. Our extensive knowledge of insurance and risk management is driven by our highly skilled and motivated professionals along with our specialists available to us through our Brokerslink global alliance. We’re also strengthened by a close relationship with the reinsurance professionals at Cooper Gay Swett & Crawford. Our knowledge resources are given greater power thanks to our highly effective access to the insurance market. The partnerships we’ve fostered with all major insurance firms mean we can find ideal cost-effective answers with speed and ease. We leverage our access to solve complex claims and to deliver insightful and current consulting to our clients. The MDS advantage gains further momentum with the addition of our sharp focus on relevant technology. Risk management decisions and advisories benefit from cutting-edge tools that heighten accuracy and save time and expense. Together, these three elements create a powerful framework to help our clients manage their risks wisely.

Within the next five years, we envision MDS as a major player in the brokerage of insurance. As we continue to build new relationships and attract new clients, we look forward to watching MDS grow and evolve. We are confident that our work and reputation will mature into a fine example of the insurance field’s capacity for innovation and efficiency. The MDS core values of integrity, impartiality, and rigor help fuel our pride as part of a great company committed to helping clients succeed. Through personal development, training, knowledge sharing, and support, we not only uphold our values, but ensure they’re able to contribute to true solutions both today and in the future.

José Manuel Dias da Fonseca 

Group Chief Executive